Will I Lose Body Weight with Capsiplex?

7. December, 2010





Everyone’s talking about Capsiplex. Though this diet pill was initially produced in the UK, its popularity has now spread around the world. Capsiplex relies on capsicum, an extract from hot peppers, to help boost metabolism in a safe, natural way, but just how effective is it? Will users really see weight loss with something as simple as some hot peppers? The answer is yes!

How Can Capsicum Help Me Lose Weight?


Capsicum is the substance that gives hot peppers their “kick.” It lends heat to spicy foods, and helps keep peppers safe from being eaten by wild animals. Though capsicum originally helped deter mammals from gulping down peppers, modern cultivation has resulted in peppers that range from the mild bell pepper, to sweet peppers, to hot habaneros. If capsicum was evolved to keep people from eating peppers, though, how can it help with weight loss?

Thermogenics is the idea of using the body’s own temperature control mechanism to lose weight. Absolutely everything a living body does, from jogging to sleeping, requires calories to keep the lungs breathing, the heart pumping, and the brain working. When it becomes a little too hot or a little too cold, the body needs to work overtime to help adjust its internal temperature back to normal. This requires even more calories. The really surprising thing, though, is that it doesn’t take a hot or cold room to trigger this effect- you can get the same benefit from capsicum.

Capsicum does more than just taste hot- it tricks the body into thinking its hot, too. As a result, it tries to cool off, boosting metabolism to provide energy for this process while it does so. While metabolism is high, the body burns through calories more quickly than it does otherwise, leading to weight loss.

Is Capsicum Safe for Weight Loss?


Capsicum is the same substance found in hot peppers. While getting capsicum in a sensitive area, like your eyes, can be irritating, Capsiplex makes it possible to ingest a concentrated dose of capsicum pain-free. It does this with a special multi-layered capsule that combines:

  • A stomach-acid-resistant outer layer, to ensure the active ingredients make it to the intestines.
  • A capsicum layer, containing the active ingredients.
  • An inert core.

These layers create a product that bypasses the stomach, ensuring that Capsiplex can safely and effectively be absorbed by the intestines. This triggers the body’s cooling process, just like being in warm weather does. Capsiplex doesn’t use any dangerous ingredients, so the thermogenic process couldn’t be safer.

Capsiplex is a safe, effective dietary supplement that only needs to be taken once a day, about half an hour to an hour before exercising. It’s as easy as taking a vitamin, and can help ensure that you will lose weight better than you can with diet or exercise alone. Capsiplex relies on years of research and centuries of hot pepper cultivation to bring you the number one weight loss supplement on the market.


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