What makes Capsiplex the number 1 diet pills comparing to other weight loss supplements?

7. December, 2010





Capsiplex is the top weight loss supplement in the UK, but it definitely has plenty of competition. Considering all of the other formulas out there, what is it about Capsiplex that has snagged it the number one spot?

Ingredients in Other Diet Pills


A lot of other diet pills out there fall into two camps- pills that raise the body’s metabolism, and pills that keep the user from taking in extra calories. Pills that keep the user from taking in extra calories may also keep them from taking in the vitamins and minerals they need. Pills that raise the body’s metabolism usually do so with stimulants, which may not always be safe.

Even those diet pills that claim to be all natural may contain herbs or other ingredients linked to unwanted side-effects, which may even include:

  • Heart palpitations.
  • Restlessness.
  • Trouble sleeping.
  • Anxiety.

This makes these diet pills unsuitable for some users.

Sometimes, other diet pills even get pulled off of the market because they are found to be unsafe. Fen-Phen, originally thought to be safe to prescribe, was pulled when it was found to cause irreversible heart problems in many of the people who took it for weight loss. When it comes to new ingredients, whether they’re synthetic or all natural, it pays to be careful.

Ingredients in Capsiplex


capsiplex ingredients

Instead of relying on nutrient-blocking ingredients or questionable stimulants, Capsiplex uses capsicum, black pepper extract, niacin (a vitamin), and a small quantity of caffeine. These ingredients combine to boost the body’s metabolism by a natural process called thermogenics. Instead of using stimulants to force the body’s metabolism into high gear artificially, Capsiplex uses capsicum to raise the body’s internal thermostat. As a result, it begins to work harder to maintain its internal temperature, leading to a safe, natural boost in metabolism. Capsiplex can help users burn more calories every minute of every day, without many of the side effects users get with other diet pills.

Capsicum, Capsiplex’s main ingredient, is derived from hot peppers. Hot peppers have been cultivated for thousands of years, so capsicum has had a place in the human diet for ages. Capsicum has been proven safe by generations of pepper-eaters, so it’s not likely to be taken off of the market anytime soon!

The other ingredients in Capsiplex are similar to capsicum. Piperine comes from black pepper, also eaten for generations. Niacin is an essential vitamin, without which we couldn’t survive. Caffeine is a gentle diuretic and stimulant found in coffee, tea, and chocolate. All of these ingredients have been in the human diet for generations, proving their safety.

Capsiplex hasn’t just become number one for being one of the safest diet pills out there; it’s also one of the most effective. Thermogenics has been understood and studied for years, though not many diet pills take advantage of it. Capsiplex is the first out there to create a unique capsicum delivery capsule that gives your body a full dose of capsicum, piperine, niacin, and caffeine, when taken as directed.


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