What is htp? All About 5-HTP

2. October, 2012

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If one wants to know what is htp, then one must look up 5-htp also, as they mean the same thing. It is common knowledge these days that 5-htp is a supplement used by persons suffering from anxiety or mild depression. 5-htp or 5-hydroxytryptophan is basically an amino acid which is used to suppress the symptoms of anxiety. This product is marketed in the form of gelatin capsules in a bottle which comes with a set of guidelines to follow. These supplements are available in various strengths such as 50 mg and 100 mg.

What is the Need to Take 5-htp?


A person suffering from general or social anxiety would know the importance of a product which can help him get rid of the dreaded feeling that he experiences when anxiety sets in. Different people experience different degrees of anxiety which is the result of low serotonin levels in the brain. This neurotransmitter is basically responsible for a person’s mood and hence, low levels of serotonin can make a person feel anxious in even moderately stressful situations. If a person suffers from moderate levels of anxiety, then it is not very challenging to handle such anxiety as one can self counsel to come out calmly of a stressful or traumatic situation. But a person who suffers from an intense form of general anxiety or social anxiety must take medical help otherwise even day to day activities can become mountainous difficulties. Supplements of 5-htp come as a savior for such persons who can greatly benefit from this drug which can improve the serotonin levels in the brain and can enable a person to keep a good mood throughout the day.

Benefits of Consuming 5-htp Supplements


This mild form of anti depressant must be consumed keeping in mind the given guidelines, otherwise one can suffer from extreme side effects. It is important for one to either consult his physician about the quantity of the dosage that must be consumed per day. Usually the recommended dose is 50mg per day which should be divided into 2 doses and consumed after a meal. Also, it is advisable that one must not increase the dose in huge amounts and should start with mild doses of 20 mg per day. If one keeps these points in mind, then one can greatly benefit from 5-htp supplements.

  • Consuming these supplements can generally lift the spirits and help one to maintain a good mood through the day.
  • One feels less anxious in a given situation.
  • 5-htp supplements can improve the quality of sleep and can help one to wake up feeling fresh.

So, overall it is seen that by the use of htp or 5-htp supplements, a person who usually suffers from anxiety can feel better and aim at achieving better social relationships in the absence of unnecessary nervousness or mild depression which can otherwise wreck a person’s social life. Although side effects like nausea or drowsiness in a mild form can be felt by the user. This should enlighten one looking for an answer to what is Htp?


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