What is Main Ingredient in Capsiplex?

7. December, 2010





Capsiplex is the weight loss supplement that’s taken the UK by storm, but what’s in it?

The popularity of Capsiplex leaves people with a lot of questions. The fact is, this diet pill relies on peppers- the very same ones you probably have in your refrigerator or garden right now! Medical science has known for ages that peppers are beneficial to your health, but Capsiplex is one of the first commercial diet pills out there to harness the fat-burning power of hot peppers.

All peppers, even those that aren’t hot, contain some level of capsicum. Capsicum is the natural chemical that gives them their heat. It originally evolved as a way to protect peppers from predation- mammals usually don’t like the hot feeling they get from eating spicy peppers, so they avoid them. This isn’t true for humans, so humanity has been eating and growing peppers for ages. With the discovery of thermogenic foods, science realized that peppers may be as fat-fighting as they are tasty.

Thermogenic foods help weight loss by indirectly boosting metabolism. They do this by tricking the body into thinking it’s warmer than it really is. As a result, the body tries to cool off, a process which requires energy. It raises its metabolism to burn more calories to provide this energy, which leads to weight loss. This means that hot peppers can trigger safe, effective weight loss by using the body’s own natural warming and cooling process!

In addition to capsicum, Capsiplex also contains:

  • Piperine, a thermogenic extract of black pepper.
  • Niacin, an essential vitamin.
  • Caffeine, a mild diuretic and stimulant found in coffee and tea.

These ingredients work in synergy with capsicum to deliver the most potent, all-natural weight loss benefits possible.

Can’t I Just Eat Hot Peppers?


Though capsicum and piperine are found in spicy foods, taking them as supplements isn’t the same as eating those foods. For instance, it only takes a tiny bit of capsicum to make a pepper spicy, so it would take pounds and pounds of peppers to deliver the same amount of capsicum that you’d find in one Capsiplex capsule. Not only would it be hard to eat that many peppers, but you’d also end up with an irritated nose, throat, and eyes from all of that capsicum!

Capsiplex coats its active ingredients in a pH-sensitive outer layer, which allows it to bypass the stomach. This means that there’s no heartburn or stomach discomfort with Capsiplex, since it is delivered right to the intestines. There, it’s absorbed into the bloodstream, where it can begin working immediately to help you lose weight.

Capsiplex is an easy, once-daily pill that can help boost the effectiveness of your diet and exercise regimen. It’s taken once in the morning, about a half an hour to an hour before exercise, and keeps working all day. In no time at all, you’re sure to see safe, healthy weight loss with Capsiplex.


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