Is Capsiplex safe?

21. May, 2010





With any diet pill, one of the biggest questions that potential users have is always “How safe is it?”. A lot of very effective, commercially successful diet pills have been discontinued in the past due to safety concerns, so it’s easy to see why safety would be a major consideration for people. Fortunately, Capsiplex is one of the safest weight loss supplements out there.

To start with, there is nothing in Capsiplex that you probably don’t already eat every day. If you like spicy food, black pepper, chocolate, coffee, or tea, you’re already eating the main active ingredients in Capsiplex! This supplement is designed to help users get a potent, concentrated dose of capsicum (a hot pepper extract), piperine (from black pepper), and a little bit of niacin and caffeine. These ingredients work together to produce the “thermogenic effect,” a safe, easy way to stimulate weight loss.

What is the Thermogenic Effect?


Thermogenics is the idea of using hot foods to lose weight. This is because these foods can trigger the same effects on the body as actual heat. The process goes a little bit like this:

  • A person eats a hot pepper, or other spicy dish.
  • The capsicum in the food tricks the body into beginning the cooling process, even though its internal temperature hasn’t been elevated.
  • The body requires energy for the cooling process, so it kicks the metabolism into high gear to provide it.
  • The body burns up stored fat for energy, so it can work to cool down.
  • The person ends up sweating, their blood vessels dilate, and their blood flow moves closer to the surface of their skin to help them cool off.

Though it sounds like a lengthy, involved process, the end result is easy to see- weight loss! The body’s internal warming and cooling process is completely natural and safe. The foods that trigger it are all natural and safe, too- something as simple as a bowl of chili can help trigger you to sweat to cool down.

How Safe is Capsicum?


capsiplex clinically proven

Capsicum, by itself, can be irritating. It’s meant to help peppers protect themselves from being eaten, so it’s not really supposed to be pleasant. While many people enjoy spicy foods, not everyone does. Some people get sore throats, heartburn, or other gastric symptoms from eating too many hot peppers.

The capsicum and other ingredients in Capsiplex are sealed behind a tough, pH-sensitive barrier. This lets them bypass the mouth, throat, and stomach, and dissolve in the intestines. From there, the active ingredients are absorbed right into the bloodstream, where they can begin to take effect right away.

For best results, users should take on Capsiplex pill each morning, with a full glass of water, about half an hour to an hour before exercising. This will help boost their metabolism all day, allowing them to burn more fat while they exercise, work, and even sleep. There’s no safer, easier way to achieve natural long-lasting weight loss.

However if you have recent medical disorders it’s essential you discuss Capsiplex with your doctor who is able to advise you whether you should be taking Capsiplex. It isn’t suggested that expecting a baby or lactating women take Capsiplex and in case you are taking any medicinal drugs especially for cardio disease, blood thinners (warfarin) or high blood pressure you will probably demand to talk about with your medical professional before going ahead. Diabetic patients also should search for health advice as Capsiplex regulates blood glucose levels, not surprisingly a optimistic thing in most of cases especially when attempting to drop weight however Diabetic patients should take particular care. It is not advised that anyone lower than the age of 16 takes Capsiplex.


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