Is Capsiplex Clinically Proven?

21. May, 2010





A lot of things claim to be clinically proven, from toothbrushes to diet pills. Being clinically proven means that their effects have been studied, and they are able to claim that they are “clinically proven” to do something, whether that’s to remove plaque or help you lose weight. So, with the popularity of Capsiplex, one question on everyone’s minds is “Is Capsiplex clinically proven to help with weight loss?”

Capsiplex is more than clinically proven. The active ingredient in this weight loss supplement has been extensively studied in humans and animals as a weight loss aid. Not only can Capsiplex users bank on being able to lose weight effectively, they don’t have to worry about the anxiety, jittery feelings, or heart palpitations that can come with synthetic amphetamine-based diet pills.

What is Capsiplex’s Main Ingredient?


capsiplex clinically proven

The active ingredient in Capsiplex is capsicum. Capsicum is best known as the substance that gives hot peppers their heat. This means that capsicum’s safety can be vouched for by more than just a handful of researchers- it’s been one of mankind’s favorite food ingredients for centuries. People all around the world have enjoyed preparing meals with hot peppers, without even knowing that they were preserving meat and spicing up their soup with one of the best fat-burning ingredients known to man. Taking capsicum is as safe as eating a pepper.

Of course, not everyone likes eating hot peppers. When taken by themselves, hot peppers can produce things like a burning sensation in your mouth, gas, heartburn, and other signs of gastric discomfort. Capsiplex developed their revolutionary capsule to help account for this. Instead of exposing the delicate mouth, throat, and stomach mucosa to capsicum, Capsiplex seals their active ingredients behind a pH-sensitive layer. As a result, Capsiplex can:

  • Be safely swallowed, with no spicy aftertaste.
  • Bypass the throat and stomach without heartburn.
  • Dissolve safely in the intestines.
  • Deliver the full dose of its active ingredients right to the blood vessels of the intestinal lining.

As a result, the active ingredients aren’t broken down by stomach acid, and you can be sure that you’re getting the full benefit of all of the capsicum in Capsiplex. No other diet pills have the same unique capsule coating.

How Does Capsicum Work?


When taken once a day, about 30-60 minutes before exercise, a single Capsiplex pill provides enough capsicum to trigger the “thermogenic effect.” This means that the body is stimulated to try to cool itself down even if it isn’t hot, and burns up extra fat to do so. This lets you burn more calories while you exercise, work, run errands, or even rest. All hot foods can trigger the thermogenic effect to some degree, but capsicum is one of the most potent thermogenics out there. Capsiplex works best when it is combined with diet and exercise, and is clinically proven to help people lose weight more effectively than diet or exercise alone.


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