How 5-HTP can Aid in Weight Loss?

7. October, 2012

Weight Loss Tips




If one is keen to lose weight, then one might want to know how 5-htp can aid in weight loss. People suffering from obesity often find the weight loss route difficult enough by following a disciplined diet and by doing strenuous physical work. Some people might find these traditional ways to lose weight good enough for them as they might be successful at it. But for those who are looking for alternate solution which can aid in shedding the excess weight, many weight loss supplements are available off the shelf and even on the internet. One such weight loss supplement is 5-htp which is also known as 5-hydroxytrytophan.

What is 5-HTP?


5-htp is an amino acid which when consumed, converts into Serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for bodily functions like sleep, appetite and mood of a person. Usually it is seen that persons with lower levels of Serotonin in their brain get mood swings which borders on mild depression. Such individuals also feel anxiety at a social level which makes their daily life much more challenging than it usually is. Such individuals also feel hungrier which leads to unnecessary junk eating and munching. This leads to weight gain and hence starts the vicious cycle of weight gain which becomes difficult to break because of continuous hunger pangs. One can take the help of 5-htp supplements here as they are very efficient and effective in increasing the Serotonin level in the brain which reduces the appetite of a person and hence aids in weight loss.

Other Uses of 5-htp Supplements


5-htp capsules or powder which is available in bottles can be bought from a pharmacy without a prescription or can be purchased from the internet as well. These supplements, apart from their weight loss abilities, are also useful in many other ways, such as-

  • They are great for persons suffering from anxiety and mild depression which is anxiety based. If one takes these supplements according to the right dosage, then it can do wonders to the social and personal life of such persons.
  • 5-htp supplements help to lift up the spirits and maintain a good mood throughout the day.
  • They are a great solution for persons suffering from insomnia and help one to get a deep sleep in the night.

5-htp or 5-hydroxytryptophan supplements must be taken in the right dosage which can vary from 20 mg to 100 mg per day. One can consult his doctor first as he can provide the right guidance as to how to take this drug. Usually, it is recommended that the doses must be consumed twice a day, after meals. By consuming these, the Serotonin level in the brain becomes balanced, which cuts down on the hunger pangs that one feels. When the hunger is curtailed, weight loss becomes much easier when combined with a good exercise regime. When one sees results, then the motivation also reaches new levels. This way one can know how 5-htp can aid in weight loss.


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