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9. August, 2011





Capsiplex is a weight loss tablet designed to help you lose calories faster. The ingredients of capsiplex help you boost your metabolism which in turn helps you burn fat faster and without any problems. However, it is required that you maintain a regular healthy routine, like running or jogging or any other fitness routine. Also, you should have a healthy diet and avoid junk food or food with high cholesterol levels.

Capsiplex is made from 100% natural herbs, so it does not cause any side effects. But still some people have reported some problems, such as stomach pains. This is unexplainable as the ingredients of capsiplex do not contain any such supplement that would interact with any other drug. People who already have certain diseases such as gastric or oral problems might be the ones who are complaining, but it is solely due to their dietary plans. Capsiplex contains contents which actually help relieve such problems; these ingredients help minimize the effects of a gastric or oral pain.

  • Capsiplex increases your energy levels and improves your sharpness and your awareness of the surroundings.
  • Capsiplex has ingredients which help you lower the cholesterol levels in your body which in turn, makes you less prone to diseases.
  • Capsicum, a component in red chilies, is known to help burn fats and carbohydrates at a faster rate than usual.
  • It helps the body utilize more energy and also reduces appetite.

But it is known to be very hot and cause irritation in the stomach. Most people are afraid of buying products which have capsicum in them because they have a risk of allergies. However, this is not so, the capsiplex formula decreases the heating effect of capsicum and makes it more effective. This is the reason for its success, and people can now relax with no irritation, no pains, just plain and simple weight loss under healthy conditions.

Who Should Not Take Capsiplex?


Women who are pregnant should avoid taking these pills as it might cause some uncertain results in the process, however can be taken until a certain stage by consulting your doctor before using it.

However, it is safe to use by women with thyroid conditions and those having other diseases as well. Also mothers who are breastfeeding should also refrain from taking these pills as they might cause a problem in the lactation process.

Piperine, a content of capsiplex, is added to make sure all the contents are fully absorbed by the body. Piperine is known to improve the bioavailability of many nutritive substances including the ones in capsiplex. The natural contents of these capsules help make sure that you are safe and also helps reduce the existing problems in your body.


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  1. Admin

    11 / 15 / 201210:05 am

    Hello Karen, yes you can take along with creatine pills. You might want to check out for creatine supplements, which it is from the same manufactorer of Capsiplex…so you can expect the same level of product and services.

  2. Karen Walsh

    11 / 15 / 20123:27 pm

    Hi there,

    I just bought some capsiplex pills from Holland and Barrett and just wanted to ask if it is ok to take them along with creatine pills before I exercise?

    Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

    Kindest Regards,






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