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7. December, 2010





A lot of dieters avoid weight loss pills because of concerns about what they contain. It seems like the most potent and effective diet pills are also stuffed to the gills with synthetic amphetamines, which are known for causing a whole host of health problems. Capsiplex claims to be all natural, but what’s in it?

The truth is, Capsiplex doesn’t contain anything that you probably don’t already have in your refrigerator, however; you can not get the amount of fat burning abilities from foods that you eat than just one Capsiplex pills. When taken once tablet a day, about 30-60 minutes prior to exercising, Capsiplex can help you burn more fat than you would with exercise alone. Years of research has allowed Capsiplex to come up with an ideal combination of ingredients that boost your body’s fat-burning power. These ingredients include:

  1. Hot pepper extract, capsicum.
  2. Black pepper extract, piperine.
  3. Niacin.
  4. Caffeine.

How Can These Ingredients Help?

  •  Capsicum and Piperine.

Both capsicum and piperine come from spicy foods. Though it was unknown for a long time, spicy foods can actually help you lose weight by thermogenics. Thermogenics relies on tricking the body’s internal thermostat into trying to warm up or cool off. Normally, it would take a change in temperature to do that. With thermogenic foods, however, that’s not the case.

When someone eats a hot pepper, oftentimes they’ll start to sweat, but why? A hot pepper might taste hot, but it can’t possibly make you hot, right? As far as your body is concerned, that’s exactly what’s happening. Even though you aren’t actually feeling any hotter, it will start trying to cool you down anyway. Blood vessels will dilate and move closer to the surface of the skin, and you may start sweating. All of these things require energy from your body, so your body signals your metabolism to speed up a bit and begin cranking out more energy. As a result, fat gets burned to help fuel your body’s cooling process. It might sound complicated, but it’s really no different than what happens when you step into a warm room.

  •   Niacin.

niacin vitamin B3

Niacin also known as “Nichotinic Acidity” or “Vitamin B-3″, Niacin is a water soluble vitamin essential for metabolic process and producing the body’s hormones, present in red-colored meat, beans, grains or chicken. It’s helps the body produce energy from foods and takes part in a number of biochemical responses in your body.

Niacin health advantages include dealing with depression, schizophrenia and inducing relaxation and encourages the healthiness of the nervous system.

Niacin could also be used to enhance cholesterol minimizing body fat levels within the bloodstream underneath the proper care of your physician.

  •   Caffeine.


Caffeine also helps by acting as a diuretic and mild stimulant. Though there are plenty of other diet pills out there that contain caffeine, they usually rely on it as a primary ingredient. With Capsiplex, there’s only a tiny bit of caffeine involved. This means that people aren’t likely to get the same side effects that they would with a pill that’s mostly caffeine. Caffeine helps you shed excess water weight, gives you energy, and helps keep your metabolism high. When combined with piperine and capsicum, it provides a perfect recipe for thermogenic weight loss.

Capsiplex is safe, effective, and easy to fit in your regular diet and exercise program. All it takes is one pill a day, taken about an hour before exercising, for you to begin to benefit from it. Capsiplex’s thermogenic ingredients can help you lose weight better than diet or exercise alone can, which is what has make them the UK’s number one weight loss solution.


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  1. Robbie

    12 / 5 / 20114:12 am

    I guess finding useful, rileable information on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

  2. puema

    1 / 22 / 201210:46 pm

    Great work! That is the kind of info that are supposed to be shared across the web. Thank you =)

  3. Skevi Karayianni

    1 / 26 / 201211:38 am

    Dear Sirs,

    I start getting the Capsiplex tables one month before and i was doing a healthy diet but insted to lose any wheigh i put 2 Kg more, now i am getting the second month tables which i start them today but I am worry as insted of losing any weight i getting more even that i am using the c-plex 60 as well. I am getting the Capsiplex in the moring and the c-plex 60 30 minutes before my lunch which lunch is only vegtables (salats or soups) how come this not to helping me to lose any wheight? please answer me back the soonest.

    thank you in advance

  4. Admin

    2 / 6 / 20125:49 pm

    Thank you for your comments. Please keep in mind that everybody have different types of body, so results might be differents. Although strictly training are not required while using Capsiplex, but regular exercises along with Capsiplex are recommend for better results. Take one Capsiplex 30- 60 mins before exercise.





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