Can I Eat More With Capsiplex Diet Pills

2. June, 2011





Capsiplex is one of the hottest (literally!) diet pills on the market right now. Using the science of thermogenics, Capsiplex exploits the weight loss power of hot pepper extract to produce noticeable fat loss in people who take this supplement regularly.

Capsiplex Contains:

  • Capsicum from hot peppers.
  • Piperine from black pepper.
  • Niacin, an essential vitamin.
  • A tiny amount of caffeine, a safe stimulant found in foods like chocolate and coffee.

These ingredients are known for their fat-busting power, but capsicum is the real star of Capsiplex’s formula. This spicy substance triggers the body to try to adjust its internal temperature, which requires it to burn more calories. As a result, the body ends up burning through fat- even while at rest!

Capsicum and Calories


Everything you do needs calories. Even things like sitting, breathing, and sleeping put a demand on your body. When you eat only the calories your body requires each day, you don’t gain weight. If you eat more, you put on weight as your body stores these extra calories. When you eat less, you force your metabolism to slow down to avoid starvation. Capsicum allows you to crank up your body’s calorie demand, without slowing down your metabolism. As a result, you lose weight without having to worry about how your diet is affecting your metabolism.

Because a supplement like Capsiplex can help your body go through more calories in a day, many people are tempted to ask “Can I eat more with Capsiplex?” The truth is yes- within reason. Capsiplex increases the number of calories your body needs, but the more you stick to a sensible diet and exercise program, the better your weight-loss benefits will be.

Can’t I Just Eat More Spicy Food?


Though Capsiplex relies on hot pepper extract to work, the effect isn’t the same as eating hot peppers themselves. Capsicum evolved as an irritant to keep mammals like humans from eating hot peppers. As a result, the amount of capsicum it would take to trigger the weight loss benefits of Capsiplex would be more than any person is capable of eating!

Capsiplex can deliver a full dose of active ingredients to the bloodstream by using a special stomach-acid-resistant coating, and packing its active ingredients into an inert core within the capsule. So, the capsicum survives the trip through the stomach, and is able to be delivered where it can be fully absorbed, without irritating the nose, eyes, throat, or stomach lining. By taking Capsiplex about an hour to thirty minutes before meals or exercise, you’ll ensure that your body is at its fat-fighting best.

Capsiplex is extremely safe and effective, but it isn’t a magical. For the best results while using this supplement, people should follow their doctor’s advice regarding diet and exercise. Remember- diet and exercise are important for more than just losing weight. With a good diet and exercise regimen, you can be happier and healthier than you’ve ever felt!


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