Caffeine and Weight Loss

3. October, 2011

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A lot of weight loss supplements contain the same ingredients, over and over again. One of the most common ingredients is caffeine. There’s a good reason for this, too- caffeine is very effective at boosting energy and raising metabolism. This means that it helps give you additional energy without food, and improves your body’s ability to burn calories.

Why Use Caffeine?


Caffeine is a very safe, effective, natural means of inducing weight loss. Found in foods like chocolate, coffee, and tea, it has a number of effects that make it beneficial to people who are trying to lose some extra weight:

  • Caffeine boosts energy

This means that you can get more energy to go about your day and get some exercise in, without having to rely on between-meal snacks to give you that extra boost. As a result, you’ll take in fewer calories, and won’t suffer a “sugar crash” in the middle of your day.

  • Caffeine increases your metabolism

Your metabolism governs how quickly your body uses up energy. If your metabolism is fast, you’ll burn a lot of calories in a shorter period of time. If your metabolism is slow, you’ll burn calories more slowly. This means that it’s easier for you to eat more calories than you can burn in a day, leading to weight gain. Caffeine raises your metabolism, making it easier for you to lose weight.

  •  Caffeine is a mild diuretic

This means that it encourages your body to get rid of excess water weight, reducing bloat and flushing out your body’s tissues. It can help you flush out excess toxins as well, which would otherwise sit around and be stored in your body, encouraging weight gain.

Caffeine is so safe to use, coffee is often used as the standard by which the safety of other herbs are judged. The average person would need to consume over 200 cups of coffee a day to experience any harm. Some people are much more sensitive to this compound than others, and should use it with caution. For everyone else, preparations containing caffeine, like Capsiplex, are perfectly safe.

Caffeine The Ingredient In Capsiplex


Capsiplex is a unique new dieting supplement that combines caffeine with other natural ingredients, like concentrated capsicum, to help people achieve their weight loss goals. Both capsicum and caffeine boost your metabolism, but each compound has its own unique benefits that can help people lose weight safely, easily, and effectively.

Capsicum can improve health, increase metabolism, and even reduce cholesterol. Caffeine can increase metabolism, and help reduce water weight. Together, they work to allow people to achieve their healthiest weight without the dangerous side effects of other diet supplements.


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