Black Pepper and weight loss

26. September, 2012

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Black pepper and weight loss are innately related. In this article we will know about black pepper and how it is innately related in weight management. Black pepper is a native of South India but now Vietnam produces the world need of black pepper.

About Black Pepper


Black Pepper belongs to the family of Piperaceae and it comes in form of a vine. It is flowering and after the flower dries up the pepper fruits are extracted. These fruits are then dried and in this condition is called pepper corn. The colour of the peppercorn is dark red in colour and it contains a single seed inside it.

Powdered pepper that is widely used for seasoning in various kinds of food is actually derived from grinding the peppercorns. You need to be aware that pepper gas been used in various kinds of medicines since times immemorial.

The chemical extract in Black Pepper is called piperine, and it is very effective in weight loss. European cuisines are very much dependent on black pepper and why not? Pepper is able to add an aroma and taste that is simply absent in anything else.

Pepper can be white, orange and even pink apart from the black variety. Apart from piperine, pepper oil is used in Ayurvedic drinks and even the spirit from pepper is found in many fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola.

Black Pepper and Weight Loss


Black pepper which is an alkaloid in nature is actually useful in increasing the metabolic rate in the body. It increases the body’s ability to absorb more nutrients and force the stomach to secrete those enzymes that increase the rate of the metabolism in the body. But what is the effect of the metabolic increase in the body? As soon as your metabolic rate is increased, the body uses more energy and buns it. This means that from the same exercise regime you may get added benefits.

A recent study has stated that eating spicy food increases the metabolic rate up to eight per cent soon after the meals and this may be persistent even hours after you have finished eating. To be more precise the piperine extract stops in the formation of new fat cells. It interferes with the gene activity in fat cell formation and black pepper triggers a chain reaction that helps in avoidance of formation of fat cells. Piperine is effective in all fat related disorders.

But not simply weight loss, black pepper extracts has other benefits in the body too. Here is the list-

  • It has antibacterial effects and helps improve the immunity.
  • It promotes urination and those who have constipation can get a lot of benefits from consuming it.
  • Research shows that it is also instrumental in removing migraine attacks.
  • It also has anti-oxidant properties.

This is the reason why black pepper extracts have been included in many supplement. Those who are planning to shed some extra pounds must consume these supplements that can burn more fat cells.

Piperine is very powerful extract found in various supplements. Another potent medicine that works miracles in weight loss is the supplement called Capsiplex Plus that contains capsaicin.


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