Benefits of Red Hot Pepper

3. October, 2011

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Hot peppers have a lot of benefits besides making food taste better. The same active ingredient in them that gives them their heat is actually very good for your body. This compound is called capsaicin, or capsicum, and its action on the body’s different internal organs can help you stay healthy, and even lose weight.

What Can Capsicum Do For Me?


Capsicum has a beneficial action on:

  •   The heart.

Red hot peppers are frequently recommended by naturopathic doctors to help keep this important organ healthy. While it isn’t yet understood exactly how it works, hot peppers help keep the cardiovascular system in good shape. Some evidence even suggests that it might help people avoid heart attacks.

  •  The digestive system.

Eating hot peppers or other hot spices with a meal can cut your likelihood of getting a foodborne illness by about 50%. This is because the bacteria in food that can make you sick can’t live in capsicum, so they die without reproducing.

  •  Your metabolism.

Hot peppers are known as “thermogenic” herbs, which means they help raise the body’s temperature naturally. Since your body has to work to keep cool, thermogenic herbs help to force you to burn more calories, without additional exercise.

How Can Capsicum Make Me Lose Weight?


Capsicum is what gives hot pepper its heat. When you ingest this compound, your body reacts the same way it does when it’s overheated- by trying to cool off. Everything your body does uses calories, and forcing your body to go through extra work to cool you down raises your metabolism by forcing it to burn up extra calories while cooling off. This is part of the reason why people tend to lose weight in summer, as hot temperatures force them to sweat, their blood vessels to dilate, and their bodies to go through other subtle changes to help cool them down.

Unfortunately, the amounts of this chemical that a person would have to eat to get the most benefit from it are so high, their body would suffer some pretty uncomfortable side effects. Fortunately, there’s a new way to ingest capsicum, worry-free.



Capsiplex is a new way to take capsicum, which manages to pack a highly concentrated dose of this beneficial compound into sealed beadlets. It helps keep the compound sealed up tightly as it passes through the easily-irritated stomach, only releasing its contents into the intestines, where it can be easily absorbed and deliver all of its health benefits.


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