The Advantages Of Capsiplex

1. June, 2011





Though capsicum, Capsiplex’s main ingredient, is probably best known for the culinary touch it brings to foods like spicy chili, it’s actually a nutraceutical powerhouse. Capsicum is a substance found in peppers, from the mild bell pepper to the paint-stripping ghost chili pepper. In nature, capsicum substance helps keep mammals from wanting to eat peppers. In the human body, capsicum has several health benefits that make it a nutritional powerhouse.

  •  Burn calories.

Capsicum can trigger changes in the body’s internal thermostat, forcing it to burn extra calories to maintain its temperature. This is called thermogenics, and can help raise metabolism and trigger weight loss in overweight people.


  •  Capsicum can help boost circulatory health.

Because of its effect on the body’s internal temperature, capsicum triggers the body to dilate blood vessels, improving circulation to the extremities. It also helps lower cholesterol, and can help fight blood clots. All of these things help protect the heart, brain, and blood vessels from circulatory problems like heart attacks, strokes, and thromboses, which kill millions of people every year.


  •  Capsicum can alleviate pain.

When applied to pain sensing nerves, capsicum causes them to burn through their supply of pain-producing chemicals. This causes long term pain relief for people suffering from everything from rheumatoid arthritis to headaches, and may even help people who rely on prescription pain relievers to lessen their dependency on pain management medication.


  •  Hair.

Capsicum extract is among the finest new hair growth improving item. It prevents hairfall and assists you continue to keep thicker and fuller hair. But it is burning as the name indicated, so be careful whilst utilizing it.

  •  Capsicum can protect you from food poisoning.

As it turns out, the hot chemicals that make mammals avoid chili peppers can ward off infections, too. Researchers have found that consuming spicy peppers with meals results in a significantly lowered chance of contracting an infection from digestive pathogens like e. coli and salmonella.

  •  Keep your body warm.

People who routinely end up with cold hands, toes, or even chilblains in the winter can benefit from capsicum, too. Whether taken internally or applied topically, this spicy natural chemical improves circulation in the extremities, helping to keep hands and feet warm and chilblain-free during cold weather.

  •  Cancer prevention.

Capsicum contains substances referred to as capsaicins that stop carcinogen from binding with DNA and offer some defense against cancer.

  •  Capsicum can help lower blood sugar.

Research indicates that hot peppers may help people with high blood sugar to lower their sugar levels naturally. This is very helpful to people with high blood sugar who are looking for dietary ways to control their sugar levels without insulin or other medication.

  •  All peppers are packed full of vitamins and antioxidants.

They contain plenty of vitamin C, and lots of beta carotene, the antioxidant precursor to vitamin A. Whether sweet or hot, peppers make an important health-protecting addition to every diet.


  •  Eyes and skin.

Consuming capsicum assists in keeping the skin clear, helps prevent skin breakouts and acne. Its content has vitamin A, which is great for eyes and assists stop eye diseases.

Capsiplex takes advantage of capsicum’s thermogenic properties to help people burn fat more quickly and easily than they can with diet or exercise alone. Far from just being a fat-busting chemical, capsicum is a key ingredient in any healthy diet. This list of health benefits of capsicum is only the beginning- new research regularly points to even more potential benefits of consuming this spicy ingredient.


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